Just in Case…

Increasing interest in data security has made all of us more sensitive to proper equipment management and storage.

Companies want to ensure they’re getting the most for their money. With the purchase of a hard shipping case, one piece of equipment can be safely and easily transported from site to site, thus doubling the effectiveness of that equipment and its role within the company. Everyone wants to get the most out of their data security investment, and this is one way to do it.

Not only is transportability a main concern, but product safe housing is also an issue. Equipment left in open areas can be used by unauthorized personnel for unintended activities, which might damage or compromise the machine’s performance. It can also attract dust and dirt – not to mention Starbucks coffee – when left on general working surfaces.

To help you avoid these calamities, Data Devices has introduced a complete line of storing, shipping, and carrying cases for your equipment. These heavy-duty, impact-resistant, water-resistant, and foam-cushioned cases permit equipment to be easily stored, moved, and shipped to the required locations in good condition and ready-to-use.

No longer do you have to move your hard disk drives to the computer room for degaussing. Simply wheel the degaussing case to your hard disk drive storage room and erase the media there. Would you like to store your degausser out of the way when not in use? Simply put it in a damage- and coffee-resistant case and use the telescoping handle to wheel the case under a table or into a storage room.

These cases are even more useful for hard drive duplicators and erasers. Many of these machines require a multitude of fragile accessories, including SATA adapters, data cables, laptop adapters, operator manuals, and power cords. These unique cases have special storage compartments for the users’ accessories required to process the variety of HDDs available. This easy-to-use storage case keeps everything in one place so the unit is always ready to go.

Your branch location across town or across the country can easily receive your shared equipment in our reusable case. And the case is guaranteed for life. We will replace any damaged case at no charge. You will not have to suffer the cost and inconvenience of freight damage, because these reusable cases prevent it. It will also reduce your stress level greatly.

Data Devices uses these cases for our fleet of rental equipment. Why? Because they ensure that the equipment will arrive undamaged and work properly for our customer. Shipping heavy equipment increases risk of damage – something with which we here at Data Devices are familiar. It eliminates delay from down equipment, eliminates freight cost to return the damaged equipment, and assures the customer can meet urgent time requirements without having to worry about whether the equipment will actually work.

If you need a case for your equipment and don’t see it on our web site, call us. We will find the right shipping and transportation hard case for you.

Our philosophy is, it’s always better safe than sorry. So, why not have a case… just in case?

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