How Do I Know If My LTO Tape Cartridges Are in Excellent Condition?

Every LTO magnetic tape cartridge incorporates a memory chip within the tape cartridge called Cartridge Memory (CM). This chip records all of the information about the life of the cartridge – read/write errors, servo errors, age, number of uses, manufacturer, and other vital information.

The VeriTape LTO Cartridge Quality Analyzer enables the user to “read” this information quickly and easily. VeriTape lists all of the information on the memory chip and displays the information for careful analysis. This LTO cartridge analyzer even calculates a quality number to assist the user in identifying good, fair, poor, and bad cartridges. The user can easily identify problem cartridges before they fail and replace them – before a critical loss of data.

The VeriTape LTO Cartridge Quality Analyzer identifies defective cartridges before they fail. This information enables the data center manager to control tape abends (read failures). The user’s computer system more often than not sadly only identifies bad LTO tape cartridges when a job aborts on the computer during operations. Users will drastically reduce costly and inefficient system aborts by eliminating these problem cartridges from libraries before failure.

Some users purchase previously used cartridges to save money or satisfy emergency media requirements. Unfortunately, the quality of a tape cartridge can’t be guaranteed by inspecting the casing or listening to the salesman’s guarantees. The VeriTape Analyzer will read the data from the tape CM and provide a complete history to the user. Users can ensure their reconditioned tape is of the highest quality.

Some users purchase LTO tape erasers to remove data from the tape prior to reuse or destruction. Now users can analyze the tape and determine if all the information has been removed, not just information recorded on the first half of the tape. It’s important to know the full condition of the tape, and the VeriTape helps provide a complete and accurate record.

One of the most important roles the Veritape Analyzer plays is that of referee. Is your failure due to the LTO cartridge or the tape drive itself? In many cases, it is actually the drive itself that is having problems. However, with VeriTape, there is no need for any blame games. The drive vendor blames the tape, and the tape vendor blames the drive. VeriTape tells you, with its extensive analysis, whether the problem is the tape or the drive. Your tape and drive vendors will respond to the concrete data provided through accessing the CM of the subject tape.

Best of all, the VeriTape LTO Cartridge Quality Analyzer is fast, simple and easy to use. Just insert the cartridge into the VeriTape. A notch in the cartridge ensures proper placement every time. In about three seconds the display shows all of the relevant information recorded on the cartridge. You don’t even have to run the tape on your computer.

Doesn’t your company data center need this inexpensive and important data security protector? With so many cost-saving benefits, we recommend every LTO tape library have at least one – if not multiple – VeriTape LTO Cartridge Quality Analyzer.

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