Profiling Our Top Sellers: The Model 8000 High Energy Degausser

Customers routinely call us to inquire, “What’s your best degausser for a smaller user with a limited budget who needs to erase a variety of media?” One of our favorite units for small- to medium-volume erasure is the Model 8000 High Energy Degausser. This unit is one of the more powerful degaussers available in its class. It easily and efficiently erases today’s high Oersted magnetic media, including PC hard drives, LTO tape (including LTO-3 and LTO-4), as well as DLT and SDLT.

The Model 8000 High Energy Degausser incorporates a lot of user-friendly features. The machine’s degaussing surface provides a large working space that features graphic and written instructions, which clearly detail how to use the machine. Thus, operators don’t have to have specific training to use the machine, but can rather read the instructions directly before erasing the media.

The Model 8000 Degausser operates at a very powerful 8000 gauss and can completely erase all LTO tape cartridges. It includes a detachable reel guide to assist users in easily degaussing audio, video, and computer tape reels. The strength of the degaussing coil permits users to degauss every other type of tape media in their tape library.

This degausser is ideal for erasing hard drives. Simply place the drive to be degaussed into the special handling tray and move the drive through the degaussing field. This handling tray both serves to reduce noise and heat generated from the degaussing process. The powerful 8000 gauss coil erases hard drives and has been tested to completely erase all hard drives up to 500 gigabytes. The handling tray accommodates drives of every size; there is no physical HD size limitation with this unit.

The machine is relatively quiet and operates continuously for 30 minutes from the time it is turned on. Its convenient foot pedal permits “hands-free” operation during the degaussing cycle. This foot pedal also permits the machine to be easily turned off when not in use, thus extending the operating time to nearly 100%.

The Model 8000 Degausser also includes several desirable safety features, including the hard drive handling tray. As hard drives can get very hot during the degaussing process, this tray serves as a buffer for the operator. Also, an electric current monitor gauge gives the operator visual confirmation that the full 8000 degaussing levels are being delivered. The machine has a lined cabinet to ensure that all degaussing signals are self-contained both for the protection of the operator and also for any adjacent media. If the internal degaussing coil should accidentally overheat for any reason, an internal circuit breaker automatically turns the machine off.

This unit also comes with an optional hard shipping and transportation case, which makes the degausser completely deployable. This permits users to easily move the degausser to any off-site location where media has been slated for erasure. Organizations and businesses can also share the machine between several locations or ship it to customer offices. The case also provides easy and safe storage for the unit when not in use.

Purchase of the Model 8000 High Energy Degausser from Data Devices International includes a standard two year warranty period from the date of purchase. This is the longest manufacturer’s warranty period available in the industry. Data Devices also provides an optional additional two years extended warranty for the machine to guarantee cost-free and trouble-free operation for four full years.

We also rent this degausser for week-long or month-long durations. This enables smaller organizations or users with small quantities of media to erase their HDDs and computer tape on premises without having to purchase expensive degaussing equipment. They can erase all of their magnetic media once or twice per year at a very low cost. If a rental customer decides to purchase one of our machines during the rental period, a credit of 100% of the rental fee is applied to the purchase price of the unit, thus reducing total costs.

Call us or email us with any questions you have about the Model 8000 Degausser or about how to find the right degaussing equipment for your needs.

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