Profiling Our Top Sellers: HD-3 WXL Continuous Duty Hard Drive and Tape Degausser


The HD-3 WXL Continuous Duty Hard Drive and Tape Degausser is one of our best-selling degaussers – we call it “the workhorse” – because it offers customers incredible flexibility as to the variety of magnetic media it erases – including PC hard drives, LTO-3 and LTO-4, DLT, SDLT, several forms of digital video tape, and more. Its convenient input slide and 12 second erasure time enable an operator to erase large volumes of media quickly and efficiently.

We usually look at a six point criteria to evaluate if the HD-3WXL Continuous Duty Degausser would be the best fit for your erasure needs.

1. Is the degausser powerful enough to handle all of your media erasure needs? The magnetic field generated by the HD-3 WXL Continuous Duty Hard Drive and Tape Degausser machine is 9,000 gauss – an extremely powerful rating. This power enables the unit to erase every hard disk drive currently on the market, and it is expected to erase all the drives introduced within the foreseeable future. It also easily handles all of those hard-to-erase magnetic tape cartridges, such as LTO-3 and LTO-4, 9940, and Travan.

2. Is it efficient enough for your needs? The HD-3WXL Degausser uses the next-generation technology of capacitive discharge magnets that are always ready and don’t heat up during the degaussing cycle. Thus, this unit doesn’t require a cool-down period. It can be operated 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It stands ready to tackle your largest degaussing requirements – and meet any urgent or emergency media erasure deadlines.

3. Is it easy to use? When the machine arrives, unwrap it, place it on the degaussing staging area, and plug it into any normal wall outlet. The operator simply slides the media in the entry opening, pushes the start button, and the media emerges from the exit opening, seconds later, completely degaussed. The erasure process is automatic from start to finish. No user intervention is required with the media to facilitate the degaussing process, as with other manual degaussing units. It’s that easy. For your convenience, we offer a video of this degausser’s operation at

4. Is it fast? The machine automatically degausses hard disk drives or tape and ejects the media after a 12 second operating cycle. The operator can load media into the machine as rapidly as possible, and he/she should be able to degauss up to 300 hard disk drives per hour – or up to thousands of HDDs per day. The HD-3 WXL Degausser can handle even the largest degaussing assignment quickly and efficiently.

5. Is it flexible? A heavy-duty shipping and transportation carrying case is available as an option. The user can now move the degausser to the media being degaussed. No more bringing in bulky, dusty, or dirty magnetic media boxes to the computer room to be degaussed. Users can also share the degausser with other company users, and the machine can easily be sent to remote customer sites.

6. Does the HD-3 WXL fit your budgetary requirements? The HD-3WXL sells for less than half of the cost of comparable machines that offer a similar gauss rating of 9000. In addition, Data Devices also offers this unit for monthly rental and as a remanufactured unit. If you have a large degaussing job but don’t have the budget to purchase new equipment, a used or rental degausser can support any budgetary need.

Looking at these criteria, you can evaluate if the HD-3WXL Continuous Duty Hard Drive and Tape Degausser seems like a good fit for your organization’s or company’s needs.

Please call us if you have any questions about the HD-3 WXL Degausser or would like to receive some additional information about this degausser.

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