Data Devices International, Inc., Launches the Erase-O-Matic 3 Low-Cost Hard Drive and Computer Tape Eraser

The leader in the data security industry has launched a new product, the Erase-O-Matic 3, designed to demagnetize computer hard drives and computer tape. This cost-conscious product offers unbeatable physical data security to businesses of all sizes.

Data Devices International, a leader in the data security industry, has launched the new Erase-O-Matic 3, a degausser specifically designed to completely demagnetize hard-to-erase computer hard drives and computer tape.

“The Erase-O-Matic 3 is the newest and most powerful solution for erasing hard drives and LTO tape. It’s inexpensive, quiet, easy to use and deployable. Perfect for the workplace,” said David Partridge, President of Data Devices International. “On-site data management is always the best option. The Erase-O-Matic 3 is lightweight and can easily be shipped between offices, so all of your computer media can be erased in-house.”

The EOM3 is powerful enough to erase all current longitudinal and perpendicular computer hard drives as well as digital video tape and hard-to-erase higher coercivity computer tape, such as LTO-3, LTO-4, 3590, 3592, 9840 and 9940. Degaussers powerful enough to handle these types of media have typically cost in the thousands of dollars. The Erase-O-Matic 3 costs a mere fraction of that.

The revolutionary new Erase-O-Matic 3 table-top degausser uses the latest in technology – rare earth permanent magnets – instead of electrical power to demagnetize magnetic media. This new technology is much more powerful and less expensive than its electric counterpart, and so the Erase-O-Matic 3 is a less expensive and more powerful degausser for the consumer. In addition, this technology is quiet and can be used directly on the office desktop. An optional hard shipping and transportation case is available to maximize portability.

Most tape degaussers rely on electrical power and overheat quickly, needing time to cool down. The Erase-O-Matic 3 doesn’t need any external power source and thus can’t overheat. It can be run continuously – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At just twenty pounds, this HD and computer tape eraser is completely mobile, easily transportable and can be shipped direct to your media. It is ready for deployment and is easy to use and quiet in the field or off site.

This unit is available for purchase new or for weekly or monthly rental.

As consumers are becoming more conscious about recycling and recyclable materials, erasing and reusing material such as video and computer tape can save the consumer time, space, and money while doing their part to help the environment.

For additional information on the Erase-O-Matic 3, contact Monica Partridge or visit

About Data Devices International
Data Devices International, Inc., is a leader in the field of data security products and services. Specializing in degaussers, hard drive duplicators & erasers, tape equipment, industrial shredders. Product specifications for the Erase-O-Matic 3 can be found at

Monica Partridge
Data Devices International, Inc.

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