Data Devices International Announces the Introduction of the Model TS-1 Hard Disk Drive and Magnetic Media Degausser.

July 6, 2011
Data Devices International, Inc. announces the introduction of the new Model TS-1 NSA Approved Hard Disk Drive and Magnetic Tape Degausser. This new degausser features two Tesla (20,000 Gauss) of power and erases the highest coercivity magnetic media available today. It erases 5,000 Oersted hard disk drives (laptops, desktops, and network drives up to one inch high) as well as magnetic tape media up to 3,000 Oersted (LTO 1-5, SuperDLT I & II, AIT, and 3592 cartridges).
The TS-1 is an NSA Approved Degausser incorporating a ground-breaking design which improves upon the proven solid state technology of past designs, increases the power and delivers it in a streamlined ultra-portable package. In addition, a build-in calibration and redundant check system assures the operator that every degauss cycle delivers the power level approved by NSA. Users no longer need separate instruments to check the power of the magnetic erasure field.
“This newly-designed machine operates with a continuous 24/7 duty cycle and a fast 45 second cycle time,” said David Partridge, President of Data Devices International, Inc. “As an NSA evaluated degausser, the TS-1 has been tested by the National Security Administration to exceed the most stringent requirements for complete erasure of magnetic media at the highest security levels.”
The TS-1 Degausser features automatic built-in safeguards to check the delivered power before each eraseure cycle to ensure complete erasure every single time. A proprietary gauss sensor measures the gauss rating at the coil at the time of discharge to guarantee proper erasure. If either the power or the gauss ratings are less than specification, the TS-1 will report an error message to the operator and not complete the cycle until the machine meets both power and gauss requirements.
The TS-1 is quiet and office friendly, but it can be easily moved directly to the location of the media to be erased. It has two custom machined retractable alloy handles built into each side of the unit for easy movement. An optional custom-wheeled shipping and transportation case is also available to permit shipment from one location to another, as well as to the customer site for on-site application.
Most importantly, the TS-1 has exceeded the most stringent requirements for complete erasure in its National Security Administration tests. It will meet compliance standards for all government mandates requiring complete elimination of sensitive information stored on magnetic media prior to reuse or disposal, as required by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NSA), The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).
About Data Devices International
Data Devices International, Inc., is a leader in the field of data security products and services, specializing in degaussers, hard drive destroyers & shredders, hard drive duplicators & erasers, tape maintenance equipment, and NSA Approved industrial shredders & destroyers.

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