Profiling Our Top Sellers: The Model 8000 High Energy Degausser

March 2nd, 2009

Customers routinely call us to inquire, “What’s your best degausser for a smaller user with a limited budget who needs to erase a variety of media?” One of our favorite units for small- to medium-volume erasure is the Model 8000 High Energy Degausser. This unit is one of the more powerful degaussers available in its class. It easily and efficiently erases today’s high Oersted magnetic media, including PC hard drives, LTO tape (including LTO-3 and LTO-4), as well as DLT and SDLT.

The Model 8000 High Energy Degausser incorporates a lot of user-friendly features. The machine’s degaussing surface provides a large working space that features graphic and written instructions, which clearly detail how to use the machine. Thus, operators don’t have to have specific training to use the machine, but can rather read the instructions directly before erasing the media.

The Model 8000 Degausser operates at a very powerful 8000 gauss and can completely erase all LTO tape cartridges. It includes a detachable reel guide to assist users in easily degaussing audio, video, and computer tape reels. The strength of the degaussing coil permits users to degauss every other type of tape media in their tape library.

This degausser is ideal for erasing hard drives. Simply place the drive to be degaussed into the special handling tray and move the drive through the degaussing field. This handling tray both serves to reduce noise and heat generated from the degaussing process. The powerful 8000 gauss coil erases hard drives and has been tested to completely erase all hard drives up to 500 gigabytes. The handling tray accommodates drives of every size; there is no physical HD size limitation with this unit.

The machine is relatively quiet and operates continuously for 30 minutes from the time it is turned on. Its convenient foot pedal permits “hands-free” operation during the degaussing cycle. This foot pedal also permits the machine to be easily turned off when not in use, thus extending the operating time to nearly 100%.

The Model 8000 Degausser also includes several desirable safety features, including the hard drive handling tray. As hard drives can get very hot during the degaussing process, this tray serves as a buffer for the operator. Also, an electric current monitor gauge gives the operator visual confirmation that the full 8000 degaussing levels are being delivered. The machine has a lined cabinet to ensure that all degaussing signals are self-contained both for the protection of the operator and also for any adjacent media. If the internal degaussing coil should accidentally overheat for any reason, an internal circuit breaker automatically turns the machine off.

This unit also comes with an optional hard shipping and transportation case, which makes the degausser completely deployable. This permits users to easily move the degausser to any off-site location where media has been slated for erasure. Organizations and businesses can also share the machine between several locations or ship it to customer offices. The case also provides easy and safe storage for the unit when not in use.

Purchase of the Model 8000 High Energy Degausser from Data Devices International includes a standard two year warranty period from the date of purchase. This is the longest manufacturer’s warranty period available in the industry. Data Devices also provides an optional additional two years extended warranty for the machine to guarantee cost-free and trouble-free operation for four full years.

We also rent this degausser for week-long or month-long durations. This enables smaller organizations or users with small quantities of media to erase their HDDs and computer tape on premises without having to purchase expensive degaussing equipment. They can erase all of their magnetic media once or twice per year at a very low cost. If a rental customer decides to purchase one of our machines during the rental period, a credit of 100% of the rental fee is applied to the purchase price of the unit, thus reducing total costs.

Call us or email us with any questions you have about the Model 8000 Degausser or about how to find the right degaussing equipment for your needs.

Special February Promotion: Save an Additional 10%

February 25th, 2009



President Obama has galvanized our nation with the spirit of optimism and energy. This kind of leadership is exactly what we need as a country to address and overcome the current economic crisis.

Data Devices International joins in this spirit of national optimism by offering you the lowest prices possible on a variety of data security equipment – computer tape and HD degaussers, hard drive duplicators & erasers, shredders, tape cleaners – throughout the month of February with our Presidents’ Day Promotion.

Now, you can save an ADDITIONAL 10% on already discounted data security equipment and accessories. We are offering special promotional packages of degaussers, HD equipment, shredders and destroyers coupled with hard transport storage cases, extended warranties, and steel transportation carts at incredible discounts.

Data Devices International already has a “maximum discount” policy for machines, and this new 10% discount is an additional low price bonus for all users. These are the lowest prices ever offered by the company for this equipment. We want to do our part to honor the spirit of our country and help energize the economy.

In addition, many of our units are manufactured in the USA. Every individual can help stimulate our economy by purchasing goods that are “MADE IN THE USA.” By purchasing items “MADE IN THE USA,” not only do we help increase jobs here within the U.S., but in addition we are flowing more money back into our economy – and thus into the global economy. Thus, our special promotion directly benefits not only you, the customer, but also helps our employees, customers, suppliers and our industry as a whole.

Not only do we give you our lowest price commitment throughout the month of February, but throughout the year 2009, we commit to offering our customers special additional promotions and discounts that will enable you to purchase or rent the data security equipment you need at a price that fits your budget.

We understand that now, more than ever, you need a data security partner whom you can trust and rely upon for the best advice coupled with top-of-the-line equipment and services. You can find that partner in Data Devices.

And, as always, please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions. We are happy to help.

David Partridge
Data Devices International

How Do I Know If My LTO Tape Cartridges Are in Excellent Condition?

July 8th, 2008

Every LTO magnetic tape cartridge incorporates a memory chip within the tape cartridge called Cartridge Memory (CM). This chip records all of the information about the life of the cartridge – read/write errors, servo errors, age, number of uses, manufacturer, and other vital information.

The VeriTape LTO Cartridge Quality Analyzer enables the user to “read” this information quickly and easily. VeriTape lists all of the information on the memory chip and displays the information for careful analysis. This LTO cartridge analyzer even calculates a quality number to assist the user in identifying good, fair, poor, and bad cartridges. The user can easily identify problem cartridges before they fail and replace them – before a critical loss of data.

The VeriTape LTO Cartridge Quality Analyzer identifies defective cartridges before they fail. This information enables the data center manager to control tape abends (read failures). The user’s computer system more often than not sadly only identifies bad LTO tape cartridges when a job aborts on the computer during operations. Users will drastically reduce costly and inefficient system aborts by eliminating these problem cartridges from libraries before failure.

Some users purchase previously used cartridges to save money or satisfy emergency media requirements. Unfortunately, the quality of a tape cartridge can’t be guaranteed by inspecting the casing or listening to the salesman’s guarantees. The VeriTape Analyzer will read the data from the tape CM and provide a complete history to the user. Users can ensure their reconditioned tape is of the highest quality.

Some users purchase LTO tape erasers to remove data from the tape prior to reuse or destruction. Now users can analyze the tape and determine if all the information has been removed, not just information recorded on the first half of the tape. It’s important to know the full condition of the tape, and the VeriTape helps provide a complete and accurate record.

One of the most important roles the Veritape Analyzer plays is that of referee. Is your failure due to the LTO cartridge or the tape drive itself? In many cases, it is actually the drive itself that is having problems. However, with VeriTape, there is no need for any blame games. The drive vendor blames the tape, and the tape vendor blames the drive. VeriTape tells you, with its extensive analysis, whether the problem is the tape or the drive. Your tape and drive vendors will respond to the concrete data provided through accessing the CM of the subject tape.

Best of all, the VeriTape LTO Cartridge Quality Analyzer is fast, simple and easy to use. Just insert the cartridge into the VeriTape. A notch in the cartridge ensures proper placement every time. In about three seconds the display shows all of the relevant information recorded on the cartridge. You don’t even have to run the tape on your computer.

Doesn’t your company data center need this inexpensive and important data security protector? With so many cost-saving benefits, we recommend every LTO tape library have at least one – if not multiple – VeriTape LTO Cartridge Quality Analyzer.

The Benefits of Cleaning Magnetic Tape

June 19th, 2008

Magnetic tape has been in use for more than 50 years – from audio cassettes and VHS tape to Digital Video, DLT and LTO tape cartridges. Data Devices receives a constant stream of inquiries for tape cleaners for all kinds of tape, from VHS to LTO – why is this?

There are several very good reasons to clean magnetic tape. Perhaps the most serious is physical failure from the introduction of mold, fungus, and dirt to the surface of the tape, which happens frequently with VHS tape. This makes the tape completely unusable. Cleaning the tape surface can completely restore these tapes for reuse without any damage to the tape or loss of information on the tape.

A second serious failure is caused by heat and moisture. If older tapes have not been properly stored and/or cared for, binder hydrolysis and chemical degradation can cause tape layers to “stick” together. Layers of tape that adhere together will prevent the tape drive motors from advancing at the speed required to correctly read the tape.

Proper care means storing tape at the right temperature and humidity; storing all tape on end; and cleaning and retensioning all archival tapes at regular intervals to restore operating tension. Tape cleaners accomplish all of these requirements, as well as removing stray oxide particles from hazardous areas of the tape.

Users of 3490e and 3590 computer tape still need tape cleaners to remove excess oxide and other dirt and debris for improved performance on computers. Quantum Corporation indicates that this is one of the top three causes of tape failure. Tape cleaners also incorporate physical defect scanners to “weed out” tape cartridges with physical defects.

Using a tape cleaner performs three corrective procedures at one time: 1) clean the tape completely, 2) retension the tape for proper operation on the computer, and 3) “weed out” cartridges with physical tape damage to be replaced.

Users of DLT and LTO magnetic tape cartridges have an entirely different problem. These linear recording and drive technologies apply very high pressure to the tape during the rewind cycle. Airborne debris can be wound into the tape between the layers of the tape.

If this happens, the debris will be subjected to tremendous pressure by having layer upon layer of tape wound on top of the debris. If it becomes imbedded into the surface, it can actually make a “dimple” (dent) in the surface of the tape. The “dent” becomes a “bump” on the other side of the tape. Because of the thin tape, this bump can penetrate many layers of tape.

The resulting bumps can cause head to media separation and reduction in signal amplitude – leading to read failures on the computer. Processing the tape through a cleaner/retensioner will give the media time to recover and, in most cases, the tape will return to “like-new” condition.

We have recently introduced the VeriTape® LTO Cartridge Quality Analyzer. VeriTape accesses and interprets the internal cartridge memory chip (CM), producing a clear, concise rating to indicate tape quality that is based on tape errors throughout the lifetime of the cartridge. This way, you can scan a cartridge both before you enter it into a tape library to ensure it is in excellent working order and also periodically throughout the lifetime of the tape for maintenance.

In today’s price-conscious and environment-conscious climate, more users are looking to recycle tape for reuse – both to save money and also to save that tape from ending up in a land fill. In many cases, the difference between a working tape and a not-working tape is a simple cleaning and retensioning. There are a variety of units on the market, such as the VeriTape, that will help accomplish these goals.

In summary, every tape suffers degradation from continued use. Today’s new tape is the best quality that has ever been produced. Users need good care and handling procedures, as well as cleaning and inspection methods, to ensure tape maintains top quality.

Finally! An Inexpensive Solution for Erasing Digital Video Tape!

June 18th, 2008

We get calls from digital video tape users on a daily basis, saying, “We only have a few tapes to erase. We can’t afford a big, expensive degausser.”

Until now, there was no degausser with enough power to erase digital video tape with a cost under $1,000. The degaussers that generated enough magnetic force to wipe the tape were large, heavy and expensive. Most light-volume users of this tape could not justify the high cost of a degausser which would properly erase their tape.

Data Devices is proud to introduce the solution: the Erase-O-Matic degausser. This amazing, patented, low-cost degausser will erase all forms of digital video tape, including DV, MiniDV, DVCPRO, DVCam and Digital Betacam.

Digital video tape has a more concentrated magnetic force rating than analog tape. For example, VHS tape has an Oersted rating of 650, while DVCAM tape has an Oersted rating of 1320 – more than twice as high. DVPRO is even higher, with an Oersted rating of 2200 – almost four times that of VHS.

These tapes are hard to erase. As a rule of thumb, the Gauss rating on the machine should be at least twice that of the Oersted rating of the tape in order to completely erase the media. So, while a hand-held degausser with a Gauss rating of 2300 will easily handle VHS tape, it will not erase DVPRO tape. DVPRO tape, with an Oersted rating of 2200, requires an eraser with a Gauss rating of no less than 4400 gauss.

The new Erase-O-Matic utilizes permanent magnets with a Gauss rating of 5500. It will easily erase all of your digital video tape, and it will erase many other types of magnetic tape that you might wish to reuse – including 4mm and 8mm, LTO-1, LTO-2 and others.

The really good news is it only costs $195.00 – a savings of hundreds of dollars over other comparable degaussing models that utilize power as opposed to permanent magnet technology. Now every user can afford one.

One of the special features of this unit is that it does not require electricity. The new permanent magnet patented design permits the machine to erase tape perfectly without any electric power source. Use it anywhere at any time. Ship it to friends. Share it with friends and colleagues. Take it on vacation with you.

If this modest investment still seems like ‘a little too much money for my one-time tape erasure needs,’ we offer the Erase-O-Matic as a rental unit for only $50.00 per week. It comes shipped in a heavy-duty, briefcase-style transportation case for easy use and shipment. Finish your tape erasing and send it back.

How easy is it to use? Simply slide your media through the slotted opening in the machine, turn the media over and slide it through again. The media is completely erased. It’s that easy.

Here’s what one of our first purchasers had to say about the machine:

“Your product came yesterday. This has to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made in 30 years in business. It works wonderfully, exactly as described. It takes a lot to impress me and I am REALLY impressed! Thanks again.”
Mike Feldman
Video Experience
Buffalo Grove, Illinois

The Erase-O-Matic is guaranteed to work or your money back. You will love it. We are that confident.

Please feel free to call us or email if you have any questions about finding the best degaussing solution for your media. We’re always happy to help you.

Just in Case…

March 24th, 2008

Increasing interest in data security has made all of us more sensitive to proper equipment management and storage.

Companies want to ensure they’re getting the most for their money. With the purchase of a hard shipping case, one piece of equipment can be safely and easily transported from site to site, thus doubling the effectiveness of that equipment and its role within the company. Everyone wants to get the most out of their data security investment, and this is one way to do it.

Not only is transportability a main concern, but product safe housing is also an issue. Equipment left in open areas can be used by unauthorized personnel for unintended activities, which might damage or compromise the machine’s performance. It can also attract dust and dirt – not to mention Starbucks coffee – when left on general working surfaces.

To help you avoid these calamities, Data Devices has introduced a complete line of storing, shipping, and carrying cases for your equipment. These heavy-duty, impact-resistant, water-resistant, and foam-cushioned cases permit equipment to be easily stored, moved, and shipped to the required locations in good condition and ready-to-use.

No longer do you have to move your hard disk drives to the computer room for degaussing. Simply wheel the degaussing case to your hard disk drive storage room and erase the media there. Would you like to store your degausser out of the way when not in use? Simply put it in a damage- and coffee-resistant case and use the telescoping handle to wheel the case under a table or into a storage room.

These cases are even more useful for hard drive duplicators and erasers. Many of these machines require a multitude of fragile accessories, including SATA adapters, data cables, laptop adapters, operator manuals, and power cords. These unique cases have special storage compartments for the users’ accessories required to process the variety of HDDs available. This easy-to-use storage case keeps everything in one place so the unit is always ready to go.

Your branch location across town or across the country can easily receive your shared equipment in our reusable case. And the case is guaranteed for life. We will replace any damaged case at no charge. You will not have to suffer the cost and inconvenience of freight damage, because these reusable cases prevent it. It will also reduce your stress level greatly.

Data Devices uses these cases for our fleet of rental equipment. Why? Because they ensure that the equipment will arrive undamaged and work properly for our customer. Shipping heavy equipment increases risk of damage – something with which we here at Data Devices are familiar. It eliminates delay from down equipment, eliminates freight cost to return the damaged equipment, and assures the customer can meet urgent time requirements without having to worry about whether the equipment will actually work.

If you need a case for your equipment and don’t see it on our web site, call us. We will find the right shipping and transportation hard case for you.

Our philosophy is, it’s always better safe than sorry. So, why not have a case… just in case?

Why Does Degaussing Digital Video Tape Cost So Much?

December 14th, 2007

Customers frequently call us wanting to purchase a small, inexpensive hand-held analog tape degausser such as the PF211 or PF215 to erase digital video tape. Imagine their shock when we refer them to table-top degaussers that cost thousands of dollars.

In the past, we have sold the PF215 and PF250 units to customers looking to erase their digital video in the hopes that these units might work. In every case the units were returned because they did not erase the tape and the customer was unsatisfied.

The fact is that digital video is difficult to erase, and requires a powerful degausser. Powerful degaussers cost more.

Digital video is digital tape, and has a more concentrated magnetivity rating than analog tape. For example, VHS tape has an Oersted rating of 650, while DVCAM tape has an Oersted rating of 1320 – more than twice as much as VHS. DVPRO is even higher, with an Oersted rating of 2200 – almost four times that of VHS.

As a rule of thumb, the gauss rating on the machine should be at least twice that of the Oersted rating of the tape in order to erase the media. So, while a hand-held unit with a Gauss rating of 2300 will handle VHS tape, it will not erase media with a 1320 Oersted rating.

Thus, DVCAM requires a degausser with a gauss rating of no less than 2700, and DVPRO would require a unit with a gauss rating of no less than 4400.

We understand that oftentimes the light-volume user of digital video simply doesn’t have the money to spend to purchase a machine strong enough to erase their digital video tape.

To address this problem, Data Devices International has instituted several solutions.

We offer a very low cost but high power table-top degausser, the DV5 Digital Video Pro, which erases mini DV and DVCAM. This machine is available both for rental for $100 per week and as a remanufactured unit for $1199.00.

Additionally, we welcome customers with small volumes or DVPRO to post us their tape cartridges and we will erase them here at our facility for $5.00 per tape, with a minimum order of $50.00. You pay to ship them to us and we will pay for the return shipping via UPS.

Please contact Data Devices International if you have any questions about choosing the right solution for your digital video tape erasure needs. We’ll be happy to help find a solution that works for you.

Degausser vs. Eraser: Which Is Right For You?

December 13th, 2007

Many of our customers ask us about the difference between degaussers and erasers, and which is best for their specific needs. More often than not, the answer lies in whether the customer would like to reuse or simply dispose of the media.

As a general rule, if you wish to eliminate all information from your media and dispose of it, the best method is using a degausser of proper strength.

An alternating current (AC) bulk degausser will completely erase data and all other signals recorded on magnetic media. Degaussing is a process where magnetic media is exposed to a powerful, alternating magnetic field of sufficient intensity to completely saturate the media. Degaussing removes all previously written data, leaving the media in a magnetically blank state.

Certain types of tape do not have manufacturer-recorded servo tracks – including DLT, SDLT, 3480, 3490, 3490e, Digital Video – and these tapes can easily and safely be degaussed and then reused.

However, if you wish to reuse your media and it has factory prerecorded magnetic servo patterns, an eraser is the only solution.

Several types of magnetic data cartridges and hard drives have manufacturer-recorded servo tracks, and if these servo tracks are erased, the tape or drive loses its ability to be read and thus cannot be reused. Some examples of media with servo tracks are computer hard drives, LTO, Travan (ADR, SLR), AIT, Magstar 3590, and StorageTek 9840 and 9940.

A cartridge or hard drive eraser will permit you to completely erase the data from the media and still reuse it, thus potentially saving your company thousands of dollars.

The process of erasing tape media entails deleting specific amounts and fields of stored data so that the data is rendered completely unreadable. However, the erasing process leaves the manufacturer-recorded information on the tape completely unaltered. This process is accomplished by modifying tape drives. An erase head is inserted into the tape path, which has erase gaps at the servo tracks. The erase head will then erase everything on the tape, except the servo tracks. The tape cartridge can then be reused.

A different process is used to erase hard disk drives. The drive eraser simply writes over every data location on the disk one time, so sector and servo information remains on the disk. The Department of Defense has rigorous requirements for security erasure, and the disk is overwritten eight times so no electronic pulse of any kind remains on the disk. This procedure has DoD and NSA approval.

Data Devices International, Inc. offers a complete line of both degaussing and erasing equipment. Visit our Web store at for more specific information on products that can help you secure your magnetic media. If you have questions about how best to handle your media, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Mission Statement: Our Commitment to You

May 7th, 2007

Data Devices International Inc. strives for the highest level of service and ongoing support with the best prices available. We have built our business of over 34 years on the cornerstones of top-quality merchandise, professionalism, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

As a person, I don’t like to wait for anything. I don’t like waiting in lines. I don’t like waiting on the phone. We try to have a real person answer every call within business hours, so you don’t have to deal with voicemails and hold times. Furthermore, I certainly wouldn’t want to wait for 2 months or more to get a machine – and we wouldn’t want you to, either. That is why we carry in stock a majority of the machines we sell – they can be shipped the same day. We have a daily UPS pick-up at 4:30pm, so if we receive your order before 3:00pm Pacific Time, we can generally ship your unit that same day.

Today’s consumer is savvy. Our customers demand the best value available. Our motto “We’ll Beat Any Quote!” is our commitment to you that we will work our hardest to offer you the lowest price available for that unit. With the introduction of our new Price Match feature, if you provide a written quote to us that is lower than our price, we will do our best to beat it – even in some cases if that means taking a financial loss on the product. That is how committed we are. Low overhead and very high turnover permit us to offer lower prices than the competition and we feel we provide better value.

We pride ourselves on our after-sales support. We strive for excellence in this area, which is why we offer extended warranties, maintenance contracts, on-site maintenance and ongoing technical assistance. Our extended warranty is one of the best on the market. With our stocked items, if your machine fails, we ship you another unit immediately. You do not have to wait days - or weeks - to receive replacement shipping packaging, for the machine to reach the repair depot, for the repair, and then for the return shipment. Standard depot repair processes can take upwards of three weeks. With Data Devices International, you will have your replacement unit within 5 business days or less. Once you have the replacement unit up and running, simply use the packaging to ship the original unit back to us.

Our goal is to provide you with the services you need – which is why Data Devices International, Inc. offers a very broad line of services: sales of new and remanufactured units, leases, rentals, degaussing and destruction services. We rent many of the machines we sell for both weekly and monthly periods. We remanufacture used equipment that can be purchased at a discount with a new machine warranty. We welcome trade-ins and are happy to apply part of all of your original unit purchase price to any future upgrade. As your business grows, we want to grow with you. If you would like a service from us that you don’t see on the store, please contact us and we’ll work something out together.

These are a few of the reasons Data Devices International has been in business for 34 years and continues pushing strong into the twenty-first century.

If we ever fall short on our promise to take care of you and your business, please call me. I would like to hear from you. Your comments and suggestions help us improve our ability to serve your needs. You can reach me direct anytime at 626-799-6545.

David Partridge


Data Devices International, Inc.

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